About the Group

The Group will be called “Asenso Filipino”.

Is a project of Philippine Middle East Institute of Management ( PMEIM), Asenso Filipino Group is composed of OFW Creditors and Shareholders  that will offer Restaurant and Coffee shop businesses in the UAE and franchising businesses in the Philippines.

In the UAE, the group will be under PMEIM which will be serve as the promoter of the business to be set up in the UAE.  There are three business segments in the UAE to be opened – Japanese Restaurant, Coffee shop and Filipino Restaurant.

In the Philippines, ASENSO FILIPINO will also be established as a SEC-registered holding company, which will be focused on Franchising business, venture capitalist for setting up  restaurants, and acquisition of resorts, and other businesses that the stockholders will decide to pursue.

About Us

We are Filipino Expats who aspire that all Filipinos will opt to work as an OFW as a choice not because of need. We want our Filipino creditors and stockholders to enjoy real progress and real “asenso ng buhay”.

ASENSO FILIPINO will focus on  food and retail businesses in the UAE catering primarily to the growing Filipino expat community. Asenso Filipino is committed to living up to its name of attaining ‘asenso’ or success in providing quality services and products to its customers.

Simultaneous with the establishment of Asenso Filipino will be the launching of its flagship restaurants – ‘Itadaki’, a unique Japanese Restaurant, franchising of ‘Bo’s Coffee’, and ‘La Imas’, another Filipino restaurant that will surely satisfy the sophisticated Filipino palates.

Benefits of PICPA Dubai Members

ITADAKI - Japanese Restaurant